Monday, October 26, 2009

A new world for us all

It's a world of bytes and a world of sites, where your words and thought's are read by monitor lights. And I am growing aware of the scene out there, it's a new world for us all.

Who knows where it comes from, these urges to write, to post for the world to see. It seems there is another force, a neural crossfire going on inside me.

I have no inherent talent, no schooling in the art of the written or spoken word. To say I am an artist is absurd, To say I am possessed is preferred. To say this is me, writing this free, sends my soul on a journey to a place so heavenly that it can't be just for me.

It's a new world after all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hope to post and have posted poetry, philosophy, flash, rants, and other bits about our rage against the machine, our impression of life as slaps us around, love lost/found/rediscovered, new hatreds and old grudges, sex if it can be expressed without excessive grunting,and so on. It's the Underground, a place to express that which you may not want to share in the mainstream.